Saturday, December 31, 2005

Three things

  • I can't sleep. It's nearly 3am. This is not like me.
  • My mom is likely getting out of the hospital and going into short-term rehabilitation in a "skilled nursing unit" (aka, nursing home) sometime this weekend, perhaps even tomorrow. Medicare only pays for a semi-private room (oh, for god's sake, why don't they just call it a "double" or "shared room"?!) and all I can say is: her roommate better like Jeopardy!
  • I really need to update my damn blogroll. Some of my regular commenters aren't there and need to be, as do all the blogs I'm now reading via BlogLines. (It's 3am -- I'm too lazy to link.) There are at least 30 blogs I need to add. Mea culpa.

1 comment:

Ancrene Wiseass said...

Ah. If only I'd known; I could've given you a call. I was up past 4am, myself.

Here's hoping we both sleep better tonight.