Friday, December 16, 2005

OK, who broke the internets?

Why is everything running sooooooooooo slowly? It's not my computer -- I ran all the scans and checks for things malicious and defragmented my disks and everything -- and it's not my DSL account, which is showing its usual speed.

Could it be Firefox? Is it because everyone in the world is downloading the new update? Or is it because I haven't done so yet?

Or is it that Google, Blogger, Typepad, Bloglines, my university server, and various independent web sites are all simultaneously experiencing problems?

Or is it because millions of college kids just got out of school and hundreds of thousands of professors are procrastinating from doing the final grading, and they're all on the internets at once? Judging by the surge in posting and commenting on academic blogs in the last week, that might have something to do with it.

Or is it just all Michael Bérubé's fault? (Scroll down to comment #5; then go back and read the wonderful stories about his amazing son Jamie, which have nothing to do with breaking the internets.) His blog is suspiciously slow-loading, despite all his fast-talking. Hmmmmm...

[UPDATE: I guess Monsieur Bérubé fixed whatever he broke, because everything's running lickity split this sunny but cold Saturday morning.]

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