Saturday, December 17, 2005

Teaching Carnival Four!

Now that the internets (and specifically, Typepad, which really was down yesterday) are not broken anymore, I want to direct y'all to Teaching Carnival IV at New Kid on the Hallway's place.

Note two things: 1) I am not in it, so this is not shameless self-promotion. 2) Since it's an end-of-the-term Carnival, you'll see a lot of posts in which profs and TAs bitch about grading, student meltdowns, slackers, and the like. This is not who we (as in the collective professoriate) are as a general rule, but it does let you know that when you were a college student struggling with all those end-of-term papers and exams, your professors had their own stress because of it. Also, because many of the posts are of anecdotal nature, it might actually be interesting to the non-academics out there.

Speaking of not being in the Carnival, I do want to get back to substantive posting, but that probably won't happen until after Christmas. Still dealing with multiple tasks in the wake of turning in my book manuscript (which arrived safe and sound, btw, and has been acknowledged by my editor and her assistant, so I know it wasn't just sent out into a void).

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