Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"All I want for Christmas...

...is for this scary man to let me go."

This actually looks like it could be an old picture of the Boyfriend* (definitely the right hair color), but it's not. It's Mark Williams with Santa in 1969, and it was submitted to the Scared of Santa Gallery by his wife, Rachael Williams of Spring Grove, FL. There are 42 other photos where this one came from and they'll all make you laugh and then feel like a big meanie for doing so. (You can almost image the kids saying "Stop laughing! It's not funny!") Go ahead -- take a look.

Brought to my attention by Going Jesus, the funniest damn (er, darn) blog by a church secretary EVER. The woman makes t-shirts that say WTFWJD? and keeps up a "Cavalcade of Bad Nativity Scenes" and a parade of "Angels We Have Heard Are High" -- all listed on the main page.

So there ya go: plenty of Holiday Humor to keep you busy for awhile.

*Sorry, hon, but it does look like you!

[Edited to add that the Boyfriend says he was much cuter as a child. I think the child in the picture is plenty cute, but it's true that the Boyfriend was professionally cute, appearing in a handful of TV commercials, including some national ones. It'd be pretty hard for any ordinary mortal to measure up to that level of cuteness.]


MoMedusa said...

tee hee. can't wait to rush over and see all of the pics. my kids always burst into tears at the sight of those old farts in the malls.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

My favorite Going Jesus slogan is "Jesus came to take away our sins, not our brains."


Dr. Virago said...

AW -- yes! And can you get that one on a shirt, too?

Btw, I think you may have been the first to point out Going Jesus to me. It was either you or my friend Gemma. The two of you have similar tastes and senses of humor so sometimes I get confuse you!

Ancrene Wiseass said...

I think I saw it on a t-shirt at cafepress? Maybe?

I found Going Jesus via Going Bridal via my roommate from Ireland. Going Bridal was one of the funniest things I'd ever read for the "Cavalcade of Bad Bridal Fashion" alone, but the Nunzilla cards/buttons were also kinda genius.