Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why must my TV shows stress me out like this?

OK, first they killed Shannon in Lost last week and I was so upset by it I couldn't sleep. Seriously. That's just unfair viewer manipulation. The writers finally made me see that she was worth loving after all and then -- bam! -- she' shot in the chest by Ana-Lucia. Now it looks like tomorrow night they want me to find sympathy for Ana-Lucia. Huh-uh. Not gonna do it. I refuse. They'll just go and kill her off right after I finally give in, so I'm not going to give in.

Oh, but that's not all. The gods of TV must toy with me still. Now they've gone and given Luke on Gilmore Girls a 12-year-old daughter he never knew about. As if Lorelei and Luke didn't have enough to worry about and work out. Besides, this is bordering on shark-jumping, Cousin-Oliver-from-The-Brady-Bunch sweeps week desperation. This better be some sort of mistake. This kid better not be a regular feature of the show. If I wanted to watch soap operas, I'd watch soap operas. No more illegitimate children!

Btw, for those of you who know that my students think I look and talk like Lorelei Gilmore (though I don't talk nearly as fast -- despite what someone says here), and that I find the Boyfriend and Luke to have much in common (minus the diner -- the Boyfriend cooks up a mighty storm, but not for profit), and that I think of my neighborhood as very Stars Hollow-ish (including our versions of Taylor and Kirk -- I have stories, if you want them), I want you to know that the Boyfriend does not have an illegitimate 12-year-old daughter. But see -- this is why I get so wrapped up in Luke and Lorelei (oh god, it *is* a soap opera -- it's GH's Luke and Laura all over!): I identify way too deeply with them and their relationship! (Our life does parallel theirs sometimes in odd ways.)

I clearly have to stop watching so much tv.

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HeoCwaeth said...

1) I'm thoroughly jealous that you look like Lorlei.
2) I would like to second your complaint about the Gilmore Girls messing with our heads. Bad Logan - Good Logan - Bad Logan, for example.

Did you notice that the kid is an almost perfect combination of Lorelei's fast-talking* insistence of having her way and Luke's perfectly blase non-emotional reactions, though? I think that means she'll be around for a bit.

* This is not to compare you to Lorelei, or even to suggest that the theory-head extraordinaire is correct. I have no knowledge of your word-to-minute ratio, and do not intend to suggest that I do.

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Dr. Virago said...

LOL, HeoCwaeth -- at everything you said!

I don't really look *that* much like Lorelei. I think our mannerisms are similar, though, and so is our coloring (though I have green eyes) and that's enough for people to see a resemblance. People have also thought I look like a brunette Jenna Elfman.

Btw, the Boyfriend thinks Lorelei's ass is bigger, but that's really just a testament to his love-colored vision, because it most certainly is not!

I hope you're wrong about the kid, but only because I hate the idea of the kid. However, well seen -- I hadn't noticed those qualities in her. I'd only noticed her turtleneck sweater and thought "Hmm, I had one just like that when I was 12. And I entered science fairs and had frizzy long hair. Lose the glasses and she's *me*! Ack!"

And the bad-good-bad Logan thing is getting a little tiresome. Here I thought they'd finally settled on good Logan, but no. They *had* to toy with us some more. But then they did that with Dean and Jess, too.

My god, this is a long comment on GG!! I really do watch too much tv!

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