Friday, November 18, 2005

Slate enters the fray on the academic blog question

I don't at the moment have time to weigh in on this Slate article with any depth or gravitas right now, but I do have a kind of "why I blog" response in still inchoate form in the back of my brain. It's also inspired by just general thoughts, apropos of nothing in particular, about how this still youngish blog has become something other than what I thought it would be. That and more later.

What I will say right now, briefly, about the Slate piece, is that its headline ("Attack of the Career-Killing Blog") is worse than its more interesting content (it's no Ivan Tribble screed), but that once again, like so many pieces before it assumes that Daniel Drezner was denied tenure for his blog. Please, people. We have absolutely no evidence of that and, in fact, his department has claimed that the blog wasn't a factor (indeed, the Slate reporter even admits this). Let it go.

Anyway, for now, I merely offer it to you for your reading pleasure.

[Thanks to Virgo Sis for bringing the article to my attention. I'd link to her, but she doesn't have a blog. Maybe she should. :) ]

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