Monday, November 14, 2005

Keeping tabs on the Seven Deadly Sins and other things

This is hilarious. As a demonstration of how their trend tracking tool works, the BlogPulse people have put together a multi-term search of all most of the Seven Deadly Sins to see how much they're being discussed (or perhaps touted?) in the blogosphere. Looks like Pride and Anger have more volume than the rest -- guess we bloggers are not as lust-obsessed as the wingnuts think the modern world at large is -- but all the sins seem to have a similar ebb and flow. [ETA: As ADM points out in the comments, Sloth is missing. But of course bloggers are *never* slothful. Ha! Also missing: Avarice. ]

They also have a search for the 7 Roman Virtues (except there are only 6 of them, so I'm confused). So, on the theme of 7, I decided to search the 7 Dwarves. I didn't know how to do more than three on a graph, so here's Grumpy, Doc, and Sleepy, followed by Happy, Sneezy, and Dopey,* and, finally, last but not least, Bashful.

*I guess no one in the blogosphere was feeling particulary Sneezy or Dopey in the last two months, but gosh, everyone was really Happy on October 31. I wonder why? (Kidding.)

Now how about someone do the 7 Liberal Arts (otherwise known in the Middle Ages as the Quadrivium and the Trivium).

And finally here are the stats for the discussion of Virago. Oh look, isn't that nice: there's a spike on the day I decided to dub myself Dr. Virago. Perhaps the blogosphere was wishing me happy birthday. What's that you say? Oh yeah, that's right -- that's the day "virago" was the Word of Day.

And Unfogged suggests another trend you might be interested in seeing graphically.


Another Damned Medievalist said...

Where's Sloth? That's my sin, dammit!

dzrnays -- long trips

Dr. Virago said...

I didn't even notice Sloth was missing (and blogpulse seems to be slow to connect right now). Yeah, that's mine, too. I'm a veritable devil's playground.