Sunday, November 27, 2005

Doubt: a response and tribute to Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke is having doubts about his blog. He's been blogging since 2003 (and online long, long before that) and I've only been around since September, but I swear I could have written the same post, especially about writing for an audience, writing for in-bound links, and reading the site meter way too much. Just to give you one example: ever since I was included in the Carnival of the Feminists (which raised my visits to an average of 65 a day), and because I'm now on the blogrolls of feminist bloggers (sometimes under "feminist blogs") I keep thinking I have to write more explicitly feminist posts instead of being an academic who also just happens to be a feminist. I feel *guilty* that I don't write more feminist posts, even though when I started this blog it was meant to be a personal blog focused mainly on stories about life in my town and my nutty neighborhood, both of which I've hardly mentioned. I'm starting to learn that a blog is a weird and wild thing, almost with a personality of its own.

But this post isn't really about me. It's about Chris. It's also for him. Chris, I've been a lurker on your blog for about the past six months or so and your writing gives me great pleasure. If you stop blogging I will miss you and your writing, especially the beautifully rich descriptions of your world, its flora and fauna, and the people and pets in it. Oh how I will miss Zeke and Thistle! You write so vividly about them I feel like I can reach out and pet them. I will also miss your sense of humor -- in all its forms: whimsical, witty, razor-sharp, satirical, and all of the above -- the songs you make up (like the one you wrote for Twisty, the link to which I'm too lazy to find right now), and your proudly "moonbat" politics.

However, if you need to stop, I'll understand, as I'm sure others will also. Please, though, leave the blog up with all of its archives. I still have much catching up to do! And if you do turn your energies to your "important" writing, please use the blog to tell us when and where they are published. I especially look forward to the book on Joshua trees.

And I hope you'll continue to comment on the blogs of all the usual suspects so that the blogosphere isn't completely deprived of your witty presence.

And PS -- Sorry you're not yet on my blogroll! That thing is woefully unfinished and out of date.