Saturday, November 5, 2005

Ah, running back to normal finally

OK, clearly I can't decide if I'm super girly or super athletic tonight, because first I post about my blue eyeshadow and now I'm posting about running.

Well, anyway, just thought I'd let the internets know -- in case you were worried -- that my post-marathon aches and pains are subsiding and this week I was able to run at various paces between 8:00 mins/mile and 8:24 mins/mile with little or no effort. Excellent.

And now that I figured out how to save and post the little preview pictures from the official marathon photographer's website and how to obscure my bib number as well, here's a reminder (to myself as much as to y'all) that all those aches and pains were worth it:

Yup, that's me with the white hat and upraised arms. Since it's just a preview pic, it's low-res and small. Maybe once I get the CD of all ten of my pictures, I'll post another. There's a profile shot where you can't see my face or my bib number. You know, I didn't think of blogging when I wore that hat, but it sure turned out to be handy!

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