Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is Bloglines acting up for you, too?

OK, it seems that Bloglines is missing posts on Blogger blogs. I *know* it hasn't uploaded my two most recent posts before this one (yes I subscribe to my own blog -- for these kinds of purposes) and I also know I missed a post on another blog until the blogger updated it. WTF? Is this happening to anyone else?


Virgo Sis said...

I have been having to "refresh" in order to see your new posts.

And where is fact 3??

anhaga said...

they seem to be coming up fine for me...that is bizarre though. I wonder if your browser might be caching an old version of the page? (I've had that happen with other sites, though never with bloglines...)

(and glad to know someone else subscribes to their own blog. :) )

Dr. Virago said...

Sis -- your problem is your browser caching, which should be unrelated to Bloglines since they get an rss feed.

The Bloglines problem seems to be affecting more than my blog. I'm gussing Blogger isn't updating its feeds, since my problems are, so far, with Blogger blogs. Or maybe Bloglines is the problem.

As for fact 3, the day is not over yet!