Monday, June 12, 2006

100 Virago Facts in 100 Days: Day 1

OK, once upon a time I started that whole 100 facts meme, but then left off at 4 (honestly too lazy to link to myself). And I didn't even do them on consecutive days. But now, I'm at a loss for things to blog and yet I don't want to leave my blog totally silent. So now seems as good a time as any to pick up that ball again. And I'll even start all over at 1 again!

Fact 1: I am the youngest of four children, but because I came 14 years after the second youngest (Ms. V.), I grew up more like an only child. I'm sure I'd drive those "birth order" theorists nuts.

Bonus corollary fact! I'm closer in age to Ms. V's kids than to any of my siblings!

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HeoCwaeth said...

OK, I just wrote a post about this. I'm the youngest, closer in age to my eldest niece than to my youngest sibling, and I have no idea where I fit on the "birth order" charts.