Wednesday, June 21, 2006

100 Virago Facts in 100 Days: Day 10

I still have my 1986 Fisher "compact stereo" (i.e., a boom box) with CD player, dual cassette, removable speakers, and graphic equalizer. Stop laughing -- it was a pretty fancy schmancy thing in '86. CD technology was still pretty new, let alone portable CD technology.

I also still have its original cardboard box and styrofoam inserts and just packed it up for the move. I think this may be the last time I use that box, as it's now more tape than box. That box has been UPS'd back and forth between Cowtown and College City 5 times, moved across the country by movers twice, and moved across town (three times -- once this move is done). It's seen a lot of wear and tear. But hey, I bet that box is part of the reason the stereo still works! And let me tell you, it's a powerful little stereo.

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