Saturday, September 1, 2007

A quick life-in-Rust-Belt observation

There are only 4 movie theaters in this town (5 if you count the historic single-screen theater that shows second-run but mainstream movies) and other than that historic one, all are owned by the same company.

Until moving here I'd never lived anywhere without independent and art-house cinemas.


Bardiac said...

Only! HAHAHAHAHA. I wish we had 4 movie theaters! (But, I've lived in towns with none, where I drove to another community to see a film, so I shouldn't complain.)

At least our two mainstream ones compete. (And the historic one is cheap!)

Dr. Virago said...

I guess I find it worth noting because the city plus the immediate region has about about 400,000 people, so four theaters pretty much all showing the same thing seems odd. Plus the non-competition means they charge big city prices. And when a documentary came out about something that went on here in Rust Belt, the company that owned those theaters wouldn't show it. The single ownership bothers me even more than the number.

Dance said...

I drove through your town recently (in a rush, sadly). Indeed, it had far too much traffic to not have a decent variety of movies.

Dr. Virago said...

Dance - that's a good measurement: a traffic to cinema ratio or quotient. Ours is indeed disappointing.