Saturday, July 7, 2007

Oh sunny day!

*Finally* London had a sunny summer day. So Morgan and I spent it walking to the Camden Lock Market and along the canal from Camden High Street through Regent's Park, past the zoo. (I still have to upload my pictures.) While in the market, we discovered the *fabulous* skirts of Nicola Quilter buried among the stalls of knock-offs and cheap imports. (If you want to find her stall, it's in in the middle of this jumble. Or you could just go to her website.) I bought this skirt:

[ETA: That's not me. The picture's from the website.] The photo doesn't do the green leaves justice -- they're a really *bright* green. Isn't it cool? Morgan got a mini, too, but in a totally different color-scheme and pattern. I'll let her post about her own. But aside from the cool design, I really liked Nicola herself -- funny and nice and knowledgeable about what size was right for each of us and what would look good on us -- and I especially liked her sizing system. Instead of numbers, she has names: tiny, trim, normal, healthy, extra-healthy, and voluptuous. Awesome!

I also bought a hideous beaded bag for 5 pounds. I don't know why. I think I was considering it and just about to realize it was hideously garish, when the shop keeper went to a whole lot of trouble to take it down from the display for me, and so I felt guilty and bought it. It's really quite garish.

Then after the market -- which also included a lunch of West African goat curry; yummy! -- Morgan and I wound our way on foot through London to the Leicester square area to meet up with Owlfish and Pittenweem at a pub.

Then, after drinks, after leaving the pub and walking quite some ways, upon entering the Bloomsbury area, in the middle of a conversation with Morgan about our mutual love of mystery novels, I said, "Oh f@*k! I forgot to pay my tab and get my Visa!" So I split off from Morgan and walked *back* to the pub, and then walked home again.

So for those of you playing at home today, I walked just over 10 miles today. That's on top of my 4 mile run this morning. Well, it was a beautiful day, so what they heck.

And then I met Dance at the college bar. And now that I know someone else in the dining hall, maybe I won't be afraid to go in. The subsidized prices (even for non-members) are really cheap and now I won't necessarily have to stare at my plate. Woo-hoo!

There have been other blogger meet-ups before these two, as well. Early on in my stay here I had lunch with the fabulous Flavia, and on Thursday a bunch of bloggers got together for American BBQ (yes, BBQ -- not bad, actually, but not as good as Bullock's) for a belated 4th of July celebration that Owlfish and Pittenweem organized. Morgan was there, as was Eulistes, the latter of whom I met up with earlier in the week, as well. (Eulistes, btw, claims I have "the best quizzical look [she's] ever encountered" and she wants "to bottle it in concentrate for future use." Really? I think I just frown a lot when I'm concentrating or trying to hear over the din).

Which is all just to say that in addition to working, walking a lot, running, and visiting museums, I've been being very, very social. So with all of that, I haven't been able to blog all the longer posts I want to do on seeing The Merchant of Venice at The Globe as a 'groundling,' or comparing the three libraries I've worked in so far, or, for that matter, doing the two memes I've been tagged for, or catching up on all those posts I promised about my graduate research class or the mortality of my former professors. Ack! Too little time, too much to blog!

But now I'm very tired. Must sleep.


The Pastry Pirate said...

LOVE the skirt... and are those your legs? i ask because that would mean your legs are wearing those boots, and i love love love the boots, too. but the skirt is awesome. i'm glad i came to your blog and saw it, even though it grieves me to read london is as fabulous as ever. i am green with envy and blue that i'm not there... yes, i'm TEAL over you getting to spend the summer in london!!

Anonymous said...

Curse you, I want ALL of those skirts now! Okay, not so much the minis, I can't pull off minis. But all the others!!! Sigh...

Dr. Virago said...

No, those are neither my legs nor my boots (darn, because I like those boots, too). The picture is from the website.

Alison said...

Oh, your purse isn't that bad! It's definitely got 'bling power' though!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, I get to sit at home and watch--for the fiftieth time--Diego save Baby Jaguar with a floatie while he and Dora and their friends sail the Seven Seas on a quest to get their treasure back from the Pirate Piggies.

What is London to that? :P

medieval woman said...

Great skirt! And I especially love her sizing system - would that all of them were so!!

Did you get your card back okay?

Dr. Virago said...

Morgan--I actually decided it looked cool with plain casual clothes (white t-shirt and jeans, for example), so I think that's how I'll use it, rather than with the wedding outfit.

Rob -- LOL. Well, when your little girl gets a little older, she'll probably appreciate a trip to London. So you can look forward to that. I came when I was nine and *loved* it. I still know a heck of a lot about the prisoners through the ages at the Tower of London because of a game I brought back with me as a souvenir. And I remember my mom making me pose with a Palace guard and me being afraid of their uncanny stillness.

MW -- Yes, I got it back no problem. They probably didn't even noticed I'd left. (It was a really BIG pub.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, but I always take a magazine to the dining hall, too. Perhaps I forgot to mention that. At breakfast, they have papers and many people are reading. And I'm seeing more people reading alone at dinner.

Hey, holler if you are interested in going roller-blading in Hyde Park.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I'm so envious. I've only really spent time with LDW, and one day with him and Eulistes both!

Anonymous said...

The skirt is great, and like Pastry Pirate I did think those were your legs at first. I knew the boots weren't, but the model stands like you.

So you do remember some of that first trip to Europe. Funny what sticks in your head.

Dr. Virago said...

Oh yeah, I remember more than that, too, but a lot of it is Mom making me pose with people, things, and places I didn't want to pose with -- like the wax figures of Henry VIII and his wives. Creepy. I seem to recall I threw a hissy fit over that one, but then it was the first day and I was jet lagged. And 9 years old.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl/Dr,

Thanx for mentioning me on your blogg. I had some lovely American galls come and see me just because you meantioned me.

You keep good company - they all seem to be smart/funny/clever women