Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Away for the weekend

Bullock and I are leaving early tomorrow morning for a long weekend in the Portland, OR, area. We're going to a wedding there. Bullock will look dashingly handsome in a charcoal gray, light-weight wool suit in a snazzy, modern, narrow cut, which he'll wear with a bright blue shirt and a polka-dot tie in shades of green, blue (same as the shirt), and silver. I tried to take a picture of the lovely combination, but the camera wasn't doing justice to the tie's colors.

I will be wearing colors that don't match Bullock at all -- browns and pinks -- but which suit my green-eyed, brunette coloring. His colors are better for his blue-eyed, red-headedness. Anyway, I mentioned a while ago, when I danced for joy over the arrival of H&M to Rust Belt, that I had a helluva time getting just the right top for the skirt I wanted to wear to make it seem like a formal enough outfit. I think it was Medieval Woman who asked to see a picture, so below is the complete outfit, complete with wrap and necklace also purchased at H&M, and the perfect little clutch purse bought with my last 5 quid at Heathrow airport on my way home from London. (The shoes I had. They're not perfect, but they'll do.) Voila:

And while we're in Portland, we'll also be visiting my friend Tommy of The Angry Liberal and the food blog, Macerating Shallots. Tommy has known me since "the summer I was a governess"* when I was 15, but we've only seen each other once since then, when he came through Rust Belt a few years ago on his way to visit family and friends in Neighboring Blue State. But we've kept in touch -- at times more regular than others -- over the years by letter, e-mail, and now the blogosphere.

*I wasn't technically a governess. I was a live-in baby-sitter at the far-away summer residence of a family I baby-sat for during the school year. But I *was* grossly underpaid, exploited, and treated like a second-class citizen by everyone except for Tommy.


Flavia said...

Beautiful outfit, and Bullock's sounds fab, too!

And funny--I'm going to be at a wedding this weekend, too, in the city just 3 hours north of PDX. Will try to post some photos of my own.

heu mihi said...

I love that skirt. LOVE it.

Dr. Virago said...

JB - Yeah, isn't it cool? I love the asymmetry of it and the little brooch at the top of the extra flounce or ruffle or whatever you call it. But man, both its pink tones (there are actually two) and the brown were hard to match! I have a pink cotton v-neck, 3/4-sleeve top that I wear with it for events that aren't semi-formal. It took me *forever* to find that satiny brown top in just the right shade to make it semi-formal.

And Flavia -- I swear to god we're leading parallel lives! Enjoy your weekend in the PacNW!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit; I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

And I'm sure that summer that you were 15 totally sucked, but now you can say that you were a governess, which is fabulously Jane Eyre-y of you!

Tommy said...


That's "tha" angry liberal, thank you very much...


So sorry you're stuck in Seattle. Wish you were here!

Tommy said...

One other thing, Virago-

You WERE a second class citizen. I just felt sorry for you. Heh, heh, heh... Kidding! Good to see you again!

Anniina said...

Fabulous outfit!

Dr. Virago said...

Fizzy -- Dude, that's so not what was going on in that post or the experience it relates. I was the world's least insecure teenager. Don't you remember me then? I guess you were busy being a 30-year-old single guy, so my 15-year-old life probably wasn't very interesting!

Anyway, I didn't learn to be insecure until I lived in El Lay. No, in fact, my knowledge that certain members of that summer community (but not Tommy or his family!) actually referred to me as "the help" only fueled my 15-year-old righteous sense of *superiority*! I'm surprised they didn't then say I shouldn't be "mixing" with the residents. (Or maybe they did and I just didn't hear that part.) But yeah, the "second class citizen" treatment wasn't a product of any insecure imagination on my part but true class snobbery on theirs. And aside from the bits I overheard or got back to me about myself, in my presence some of these people said thoroughly reprehensible things about the "townie" help.

No, I wasn't insecure; they were evil.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry Doc! I meant to say those rich snobs must have been deeply insecure. Can I take off my Dunce Cap now?

BTW, judging by those shoes, you must have some big honkin' feet. I guess that runs in the family.

Dr. Virago said...

*Must* you find something to pick on me about? Sheesh. And actually, those are the kind of pointy-toed shoes where your toes aren't actually in the very front part, which makes them seem bigger. My feet are only 8 1/2, which is just about the most common size these days and perfectly normal for a 5'8" woman.

I do, however, have some seriously ugly feet from all that running!