Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wait, what?

OK, how is it I didn't know the Tour de France was going to be here next weekend? Should I brave the crowds and watch some of it? Or given recent events, stay away from big crowds? [Update: Given the car bomb at the Glasgow Airport now and the fact that Saturday is the two-year anniversary of the Tube bombings, I think I'll stay away from the race and all large crowds.] And I guess if I'm going to Canterbury next weekend, I better go on Saturday because the race will be getting there on Sunday. Though will this mean Canterbury might be kind of crowded, even on Saturday. Hm, maybe I should go to Hastings and Battle instead and Canterbury the following weekend. I skipped any day trips today because it's raining all over southern England (I'm going to head out to the British Museum, instead, and spend the day indoors).

So guess how I found out about the Tour -- by reading the "How to Find Us" part of the Shakespeare's Globe web site. I find that particular conjunction of past and present kind of hilarious. And it's perhaps a bit like having to plan around a royal entry or something, this time with flash-enabled interactive maps!

And by the way, why is the Tour de France starting in England? And with the opening ceremonies in Trafalgar Square, no less? C'est ironique, non?


Another Damned Medievalist said...

where are you, btw? I've got a mobile phone that you can text me on, if you want to. I'm at any of my e-mail addresses!

Anonymous said...

What she said, except I'm in Oxford. :) Email me re: phone #s.

Tenured Radical said...

I don't think Al-Quaeda would bomb the Tour de France. You should go.

And perhaps the Tour is beginning in England because parts of France used to be part of England?