Sunday, June 17, 2007

Civilization comes to Rust Belt!

Holy cow! While I wasn't paying attention, Rust Belt got an H&M store and it's been there since about September! How did I only just discover this? Well, thank god it was there, because it *finally* provided me with the perfect top for a kick ass skirt I got some time ago at Anthropologie in another town. (Alas, we still don't have one of those.) The skirt is a really cool assymetrical flippy number in chocolate brown lace over a dusty pink satin, and I'm planning on wearing it to a semi-formal wedding, but I needed something dressier to go on top than the dusty pink knit top I'd previously worn with it for a slightly more casual wedding. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a top in the right shade of brown -- even though brown is big right now -- and the right shape and right level of dressiness (without being too busy for the lace skirt). Finally I found a chocolate brown tank in stretch satin. I also got a necklace, earrings, and a wrap in shades to match the dusty pink in the skirt -- all for under $40! H&M rocks!

Oh, and though I'm not a big cosmetics junkie, I'm also pleased that we now have a Sephora. Perhaps the Anthropologie, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's (all stores we're sadly missing) aren't far behind!


On an unrelated note, I'll do the promised posts on undergraduate research and my plans for the graduate research methods class in the next two days. And then I'm off to England on Wednesday, and since I'll be visiting a friend for the first few days, I probably won't be blogging until I'm settled in in my London digs.


Tiruncula said...

Hurrah for Rust Belt civilization! I'm headed Rust Beltward myself and boy am I looking forward to Trader Joe's. You'd think if they could make it to my part of the Rust Belt they could make it to yours. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Looking forward to the research methods post. Have a great time in London!

medieval woman said...

Oooo! Post pics of the new togs!

And have a great trip...!

The Pastry Pirate said...

yay h&m! disney may have trademarked the saying, but i think h&m is the happiest place on earth!! even up here in the podunk environs of cookin' school, we have two h&ms within a half-hour of me. just be careful... i've walked out of there with a bagful of inappropriate (yet cheap and impossibly cute) clothes more than once!!