Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Comedy / Tragedy

I'm afraid I haven't been in a bloggy mood since getting sick. Now I've lost my voice, as well. I hope it's back tomorrow, because my medieval lit. students actually like Margery Kempe and are really into discussing concepts of authorship, authority, self, and agency with respect to the text. And when I asked at the end of class for them to think for the next class (tomorrow) about how saints' lives are informing Margery's and the book's (self)-fashioning, they all nodded their heads. So I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say. Maybe even if I don't have a voice, I can make them do all the talking. And so far not one person has called her crazy. Whoda thunkit?

Anyway...that's not what the post title refers to. That refers to the links I'm about to give you so that you may bide your time until I'm in the mood for more detailed blogging.

Comedy (more in the video store sense than the classical sense):

Geoffrey Chaucer not only hath a blog and t-shirts, but also, now he hath a flayme werre with John Gower, who hath his own blog. And the t-shirts are multiplying. My new favorites are the ones that say "How queynte!" "Bele chose" and "I am a gentil harlot and a kynde," as well as "I study medieval literature -- That's where the money is," "Chaucer: Funnier than Dante, Prettier than Boccaccio," and finally, "Chaucer: Because Shakespeare was too easy."


You're going to need to go back to Chaucer's blog after this. I'm sure most of my readers (at least the ones active in the blogosphere) have already heard about the gang-rape sccandal at Duke, and have seen that the blogosphere, especially the feminist part of it, is trying to keep this in the public eye. The MSM seems to be paying little attention to it. Others have already been more eloquent and informative on the subject than I can be at the moment, so I hereby give you some worthy links:


Ancrene Wiseass said...

Thanks for the link!

And Oh! I'm so pleased about the Gower blog. I was thinking I ought to start one myself, 'cause I was feeling kinda bad about poor JG getting smeared all the time, and then I realized I already had a blog to update. So I'm glad somebody else did it.

Gullible said...

Let me add my thanks for the links. Hope that your voice came back today!