Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bullock is the man!

Bullock is on sabbatical for the entire year this coming academic year (08/09) and I'm deeply envious. I won't be able to take a sabbatical until 2010/11. I'm eligible starting in 09/10, but I won't be able to schedule it for another year. Seeing him not having to prepare for the coming semester is making the wait that much harder for me.

But that's not why he's the man. He's the man because he's just been invited to be a (modestly) paid keynote speaker elsewhere and because he's going to some hoity-toity small conference in the winter where each of the speakers are having their travel costs totally paid for.

Bullock is, for the moment, leading that mythical professorial life, where he's being paid to do his research and only his research (though granted, at RBU, a full year's sabbatical means a pretty significant reduction in pay) and is being paid honoraria by others to fly around and present it. He's like a social science version of a David Lodge character or something.

See -- he's the man!


Bardiac said...

Congrats to Bullock!

Does this mean breakfast in bed for you every morning, a packed lunch, and dinner ready when you return?

Ancrene Wiseass said...

That's good news!

inthemedievalmuddle said...

Dr. Virago said...

Hey Mr. Muddler...or should I say Emile Blauche? - What does this have to do with my spouse's triumphs? Future off-topic posts will be deleted.

Bardiac -- Well, since Bullock *already* does most of the cooking around here, I don't think it would be fair of me to expect more!

Wiseass -- hi!