Monday, January 21, 2008

Virago blogs boots

Update (because I know you're just dying to know): The boots below didn't work out. The toes weren't as rounded as they looked in the pictures (even in the many views Zappos gives you). They were more tapered & rounded, which just made them look too 1980s. And they looked a little too costume-like -- sort of like a very piratical granny boot. Were I my costumey, punk 1987 self I might have fallen head over heels (heh) in love with them. But now...meh. They're going back.

Although one of my intentions in redesigning my blog was to get rid of some of the fluffier stuff, and slowly turn this into an only nominally pseudonymous blog I can be proud of, nevertheless into each life some levity should fall. (Wait, can levity fall?? I think not. Well, whatever -- it's blog for pete's sake.)

Thus, on this holiday Monday (which isn't a holiday for me at all because I teach T/R and therefore have to do the usual stuff...including distracting myself with blogging about boots), I give you the boots I ordered last night from

I was specifically looking for black boots that would still look interesting even if there were under pants and also pretty damn cool with skirts and cropped pants. And if you look closely, you'll see they have a wing-tip design on the vamp, low enough to show under long pants. And even though Stacy and Clinton are always putting their charges in pointy-toed shoes, I'm addicted to the vintage adorableness of the round toe. And I love the granny-boot-on-steroids quality of these. (They don't really lace -- they zip up -- in case you're concerned about me taking 30 minutes to put on my boots in the morning.)

Now, let's keep our fingers crossed that they fit (or if not, that the next size up does), because it was hard to find a boot that satisfied all my requirements! (Well, there were some $350 ones that also satisfied my needs, but I don't want to spend that much.)


Sisyphus said...

Ooh. I Approve.

(I love boots, but I never really wear the high boots under pants/jeans. Which means I usually have two pairs of high boots and another two of ankle boots (yay! more boots!). Maybe it's cause it's not cold enough around here for me to want all the layering under the pants? Hmm.)

~profgrrrrl~ said...

They're lovely. I may be mildly biased, though. I got a similar pair last year :)

Mmm. But boots are always a good thing.

FF said...

Whips and chains, anyone?

Dr. Virago said...

Whips and chains, anyone?

No, these are much too *sensible* for dominatrix boots -- for one thing the heels is spiky enough. Not that I'd know anything about that, big brother! :)

Profgrrrl -- someday you and I will have to get together and wear our matching boots!

And Sisyphus -- I may be that rare woman who actually tries to *limit* the number of shoes she has. Plus, you're right about the temperature difference -- I wouldn't have worn high boots under pants somewhere warm, but here they make more sense.

HeoCwaeth said...

Very nice choice!

I, too, love boots. There's something about them that makes a person interact with the world differently, more confidently perhaps. I think, anyway.

Also, how cool is Zappos? Want the shoes, turn around and have the shoes!

FF said...

Virago - a woman regarded as noisy, scolding, or domineering. I Rest My Case.

The Blogger Flogger?

Dr. Virago said...

Oh, my brother is soooo funny! :)

Renaissance Girl said...

I am SO sympathetic to the need to blog about footwear generally, boots specifically. I may have to come up with a related post sometime soon.

Michael said...

I think these are pretty hot!

I will say that boots this year in Rome are all pretty strappy up around the calves, but these look more serious and class-like. As in classroom-ready.