Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pictures of pork

Because I haven't posted in awhile I thought I'd throw *something* out there for you so you know I'm still alive. I took these pictures above for Bullock because he's rather obsessed with pork in all its culinary varieties. (Yes, I know there are other meats in the display window. He likes those, too.) They're from a Yorkshire town called Otley.

Anyway, he responded that the place looked like where the English branch of the Sopranos would hang out. Te-hee.

Happy Independence Day!


medieval woman said...

Oh, man. Love pork, love meat.

Hope you're having a good time there!

The Combat Philosopher said...

Hmm, why does the sign in the picture say 'Spring Lamb'? Maybe it is a Yorkshire thing.

There is a shop in Otley, in the Marketplace, that does the best pork pies in the world. However, this is not it. I discovered it by accident (literally). I got hungry after falling off my motorcycle.

It is a while since I have been to Otley. Is there still a rather bizarre 'The artist formerly known as Prince' store, by Chippendale's house? Also, did you drive the Blubberhouse Moor road out of Otley? It is one of my favorite bits of road in the world. Of course, stopping at the Timble Inn also made the road fun.

The Combat Philosopher

Dr. Virago said...

Unfortunately, CP, I don't have answers to any of your questions! I wasn't there very long. We drove in, met my friend's friends (and their babies) for coffee, chatted for a few hours, and then left. And as for the spring lamb -- yeah, that confused me too. Maybe the lambs came unseasonably late this year. Or since it was only just past the summer solstice (I think it was June 22) when I took this picture, the lambs were technically spring lambs, having been born before summer.