Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Tuesday To-Do List (Monday was a holiday)

Things I have to do today (personal and professional):

  • Run 10-12 miles with hills (should be leaving now, not blogging!)
  • Finally finish a paper on Middle English philology, which isn't my usual field and has been slooooooooooow going
  • Read and comment on student's Marshall scholarship application
  • Finish updating address book - IN PROGRESS
  • Get dishwasher detergent so pile of dishes can be done (ick)
  • Write draft of proposal for the 'Zoo
  • Visit library, get printed edition of "Somer Soneday" (a 15th century poem) -- see if it sheds light on 'Zoo proposal
  • Read some more secondary material related to proposal so I don't look like an idiot
Things I don't have to do:
  • Teach (I'm on leave from teaching) -- which is good for getting all of the above done, but it also makes me feel a little sad and out of it. I miss my students! No, really!

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