Friday, September 2, 2005

Friend found

Well, my friend in Louisiana has been located, and she and her husband are safe and sound with relatives in Houston. They stuck it out through the storm (they're not in N.O. itself) and then left because there was no water or power. They have serious roof, tree, fence, and shed damage, but are otherwise pretty damn lucky.

I guess I should get this blog started and tell my friends and family it exists. I'm already on at least one blogroll (just CatchingFlies [ETA: blog now defunct], where I have contributed, but still...) so I better start giving people something to read! Look for the official introductory post to go up sometime this weekend. (And then maybe I will have filled in that scanty blogroll, too.)


Anonymous said...

I heard from Friend yesterday: she should be safely back home by now and in the classroom by Thursday. Phew...

Congratulations on the new blog.

Dr. Virago said...

Thanks for the update, GD! And glad to know her university will be up and running, too.