Saturday, December 13, 2008

A meme for a lazy Saturday

Things I’ve done are in bold.
Things I am indifferent towards or actively would like to avoid are crossed out.
Things in normal type face are things I’d like to do.

Comments in parentheses are my addition. I got this version from Squadratomagico (though I took off her additions).

Start my own blog
Sleep under the stars
Play in a band
Own a cell phone
Visit Hawaii
Watch a meteor shower
Give more than I can afford to charity (Well, in this case, "more than I can afford" means on the credit card, to be paid next month)
Visit Disneyland / Disneyworld (both!)
Climb a mountain

Sing a solo
Bungee jump
Participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony
Teach myself an art from scratch (If you define "art" broadly, this is what academics do all the time)
Adopt a child
Purchase real estate
Had food poisoning
Visit Parliament / Capital Hill
Grow my own vegetables
See the Mona Lisa in France
Sleep on an overnight train
Have a pillow fight
Take a sick day when you’re not ill (but only prior to becoming an academic)
Build a snow fort
Hold a lamb
Go skinny dipping
Run a Marathon
Been on television
Ride in a gondola in Venice (how about a punt in Cambridge?)

See a total eclipse
Watch a sunrise or sunset

Hit a home run
Go on a cruise
See Niagara Falls in person
Visit the birthplace of my ancestors

See an Amish community
Teach myself a new language (Haven't done it yet, but I'm thinking Old Norse.)
Have enough money to be truly satisfied
See the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person

Go rock climbing
See Michelangelo’s David
Sing karaoke
See Old Faithful erupt
Buy a stranger a meal at a restaurant
Visit Africa
Walk on a beach by moonlight
Be transported in an ambulance
Have my portrait painted
Be arrested
Go deep sea fishing
See the Sistine Chapel in person
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Go scuba diving or snorkeling
Kiss in the rain

Play in the mud
Go to a drive-in theatre
Be in a movie (but I've been on a number of sets)
Visit the Great Wall of China
Start a business
Take a martial arts class
Visit Russia (one of the few places I don't really have a burning desire to visit)
Serve at a soup kitchen
Sell Girl Scout Cookies

Go whale watching
Get flowers for no reason

Donate blood, platelets or plasma
Go sky diving
Visit a Nazi Concentration Camp
Bounce a check
Fly in a helicopter

Save a favorite childhood toy
Visit Quebec City
Eat Caviar

Piece a quilt
Stand in Times Square

Tour the Everglades
Been fired from a job
See the Changing of the Guards in London
Been on a speeding motorcycle
See the Grand Canyon in person
Published a book
Visit the Vatican
Buy a brand new car

Walk in Jerusalem
Have my picture in the newspaper
Read the entire Bible
Visit the White House
Kill and prepared an animal for eating
Had chickenpox
Save someone’s life
Sit on a jury
Meet someone famous
Join a book club
Lose a loved one

Have a baby
See the Alamo in person
Swim in the Great Salt Lake
Been involved in a law suit
Been stung by a bee
Ride an elephant

29 -- I better get cracking!


Anonymous said...

Did you say what I just think you said?

Anonymous said...

On further reflection: no you did not. That said, let me add: going on a cruise is more fun than David Foster Wallace wanted you to think it is. In fact, it's really really fun. More fun than seeing the tower of Pisa and a LOT more fun than rock climbing, though nowadays you can rock-climb on your cruise ship.

These lists. Hmm. So many interstices. (Quebec City on an elephant? Visiting the drive-in in a brand new car?

Anonymous said...

Total eclipse? Wow. Lucky. Had never thought much about those before, but a while back I read this thing where people described it as Profound and Life-Altering. I like stuff like that.

These lists are always fascinating for what they say about their original composer(s), though. Always something unexpected, something to make you sit up. Sunsets...scuba diving. concentration camp! (You boldfaced that one, though. Less funny. Can't call that lucky. But I guess you couldn't not go.)

Reminds me of ancient Internet Tradition, purity tests. Those things sucked. The last thing you want as a kid is to be exceptionally pure.

Anonymous said...

In a desperate act of self promotion (although, I HAVE enjoyed your blog for some time now)...