Saturday, December 20, 2008

For your distraction and entertainment needs

I've been too caught up in end of the semester madness to blog. Btw, if I could single-handedly get rid of our rolling admissions for our MA program, I would. Who on earth decides on December 15th that maybe they should do an MA in English and that they should definitely start it next month? These are the same people who are asking all of you for letters of recommendation right about now. Oh, and they need it by Christmas, btw.

Anywho, since this madness is keeping me from blogging -- and don't forget the approximately 650 pages of grading I'm doing now -- I thought I'd introduce you to a new blog. It only has two posts so far and they're pretty damn funny. I especially like the top one, "Dude Who Never Comes to Class," in which our writer wonders,

Are you the embodiment of the recurring dream we’ve all had? The one where you completely forget about a class for the entire semester and then somehow realize your horrendous mistake two minutes before the final exam? And you go to the test and have no idea how to answer any of the questions and wake up absolutely panic-stricken. Are you living that dream? If so, that really sucks dude.

It's called Acadammit and you can find it here.


Meansomething said...

*snort* That was funny, thanks!

Bardiac said...

I'm guessing right now, a number of people who have lost jobs or can't find jobs, and look at their English degree and think that maybe it will be good to teach at a community college. Or maybe they'll go into the worry-free and easy existence of a college prof. Or maybe just doing something that seems positive is better than looking at the lack of job listings every day?

My capcha is: manjunk. I kid you not.

Dr. Virago said...

Bardiac, you are probably right. And now I feel bad for feeling so grumpy about it.

Dr. No said...

Oh, glad you enjoyed that!