Friday, November 14, 2008


That's Pippi running with a friend at "dog camp" while Bullock and I were in Paris last month. Our trainer/boarder took this picture and others, and gave them to us in an envelope on which was written, "What I did on my vacation..." Vacation is right! Doesn't Pippi look like she's having fun? Lisa, her trainer/boarder, has a 5-acre lot of land and the dog run is at least a full acre. I don't know the other dog, but in all the pictures s/he was either with Pippi or on her way over to Pippi. Clearly they made fast friends! And I have to say -- what a good idea to take pictures, especially for those of us who were boarding our furry family member for the first time!

Pippi's not the only department dog who goes to Camp Lisa, as we call it. We learned about it from our friend Victoria, and the department secretary -- whom I shall call Wonder Woman -- has also trained and boarded her dog there. It's a popular place -- with good reason.

Anyway, I offer this in lieu of a substantive posting, which I hope will return soon!


Thoroughly Educated said...

What a great picture! How fantastic to have a great boarding/camp place.

Hannah Kilpatrick said...

That is a good picture. :) But ee, that fence. If our beagles were there, they'd not be in the fenced area a minute before they'd decided that those woods were far less interesting than the other dogs, and would be off together happily checking out the countryside for hours.

Perhaps it's lucky we can't afford boarding kennels and just take them everywhere with us! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my beagles' little foibles. And I just know Oliver would get rather worried without me about and decide it was His Duty to protect his best girl, and would hackle up and bay in a very very manly and definitely not at all worried way at any other dog who came near her.

Dr. Virago said...

Ceirsearch -- You probably can't see it, but there's more to that fence than the split logs -- it has a strong wire component, too. But beagles did, don't they? Still, with the super-amazing Lisa around, I bet they'd be safe. If dogs need watching when in the yard, she and/or her assistant watch them. If a dog doesn't get along with all the other dogs, she lets him/her out only with the dogs who will play nicely. We are very, very lucky.