Saturday, November 8, 2008

Three words for the Obama family on their search for the perfect dog




(Links go to the AKC list of AKC recognized hypoallergenic breeds, the AKC's list of breed rescue groups, and the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America's rescue program -- just as one example of a hypoallergenic dog available through rescue.)


Hannah Kilpatrick said...

Well, possibly, if they can find a puppy, but aside from the political statement it might not be worth their while to get a rescue dog. Speaking as someone whose family and neighbours have over the past ten years adopted six rescue dogs - you never know what you're getting, and the behavioural issues can be really awkward. And also dangerous. I suspect a presidential dog would have to be pretty well-behaved and reliable.

Getting a rescue puppy, of course, would reduce the likelihood of behavioural problems and give them more input into his/her developing personality, but still. Family pets should not be chosen on the basis of political statements. :)

the rebel lettriste said...

Excellent idea, although I also support their adoption of a mixed breed via a charity like the ASPCA or the Humane Society. Rescue all the way!

Given how notoriously picky rescue org.'s are, I couldn't help but wonder: do you think the Obamas will have a big enough yard for a dog? Will they pass the rescue group interview?

Susan said...

Don't you think that every shelter in the country is sending the Obamas information about any hypoallergenic mutts they have? I mean, if I ran a shelter I would totally have done so.

Hannah Kilpatrick said...

It seems like they are! I even saw an article in a Melbourne paper two days ago about an Australian family who has a litter of golden retrievers and has sent a letter to Obama saying that one of their puppies would be just perfect for his family. The poor man must be inundated.