Monday, April 28, 2008

Shhh...K'zoo paper-writing in progress

I'm having a heckuva time concentrating on shaping my K'zoo paper. I'm now convinced it's kind of dumb, but perhaps I'll cycle out of that stage in a day or two. But anyway, the writing process, followed by grading jail starting on Thursday, means that you might not hear much from me this week.

By the way, if you missed, Another Damned Medievalist is the host of the blogger meet-up for this year's K'zoo, and it was decided to do the same early morning official meet-up as last year, with some unofficial, less rigidly organized go-out-for-drinks meet-ups throughout the conference. Here's the post where she discussed this.


And because I could use a dose of levity around here...You know how purebred show dogs all have ridiculous long names, starting with the name of the breeder (I think), and then also have a family nickname that may or may not be suggested by the formal name? Well, over the course of the last month and a half, here's what I've decided Pippi's full name is:

Longstocking's Pippington Gertrude Cottontail McLovin, called "Pippi"

Ok, back to work I go!


Laura said...

Hehe, great name. My rabbit was Dorothea Theodora Roberta Rose Rabbit Richmond, known as "Dotty."

Steve Muhlberger said...

Our dog Arthur was sometimes called
"Sir (or Captain) Arthur Paisley Crunch, King of the Britons".

Bardiac said...

LOL, the dog name is GREAT!

I have a friend who has registered hunting dogs, and he doesn't do the long names, but always makes the spelling something unique (the names have to be unique). Beauzeau was one I especially like :)

Anonymous said...

Our dog was Hawkins' Golden Treasure. Seriously, he was like purebred and everything. (We called him Hawkins. When I was a kid I was convinced it was spelled Hochins - I was so proud of getting that ch thing.) I LOVE Beauzeau.

(and my Kzoo paper is decidedly dumb. But I think what's dumber is that because it's something I took from my diss, it's largely already written, but I don't believe that and keep rewriting it to say the same thing.)

Dr. Virago said...

LOL -- I love all these silly long dog names, registered or not!

And Bardiac, Beauzeau is a $5 wine sold at Costco, too -- their answer to Two Buck Chuck, I think. For the record, it's not bad.

New Kid -- My paper is *also* something I keep rewriting! Awesome -- great minds angst alike!

Dr. Virago said...

Excuse me, I love all this dog *and* rabbit names.

Anonymous said...

Hee. What's funny is that Pippi Longstocking already has her own ridiculously long name: Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking, daughter of Captain Ephraim Longstocking, formerly the terror of the sea, now a cannibal king.

(That is how you know my childhood was totally misspent, right there.)

Dr. Virago said...

Tempests, I'd completely forgotten that! (Pippi was a name Bullock first came up with. I've seen the movie; he read the books.)

Now when Bullock makes fun of my adding names to Pippi's long list, I cite the original Pippi!