Wednesday, September 20, 2006

From the professional to the personal...

Perhaps I am thus far moderately successful, or at least competent, on the professional side of things, but boy do I suck on the personal side.

Today marks my third anniversary with Bullock.

And I forgot...until he brought it up.

I suck. There's a special circle of hell for bad girlfriends, partners, and 'helpmeets' like me.

So what did I spend today doing while forgetting that it was our 3rd anniversary? I spent today putting together my renewal dossier.

What have I become?!


meg said...

Pish tosh. I forget every year, to no ill effect that I can discern.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I totally get that.

Anonymous said...

This, my friend, is the advantage of writing such anniversaries down in your calendar! That's the only way I remember the anniversary of D's and my first date. I think D actually has programmed her Palm Pilot to sound an alarm three days before and then again the day of our anniversary so that she's reminded.

The way that I remember the anniversary of our church blessing is that we had the incredible good sense to have it on October 4, so that (as one of our sponsors helpfully pointed out to me) it would be so easy to remember "10-4, good buddy" for the rest of our lives. Yes, CB radio lingo will save my marriage.

Dr. Crazy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. A forgetful "helpmeet"? Perhaps. But a bad one? Not at all. Just a woman with other things on her mind :)

Karl Steel said...

Just a woman with other things on her mind

Did he remember?

If so, you're golden, because you're just shifting the burden of memory to the man. Because women have to remember all that nonsense normally, consider your forgetfulness a feminist effort that overshot its mark (from sharing the load to shifting the load entirely).

Dr. Virago said...

Dr. C -- Don't worry, I'm exaggerating my chagrin a little bit, if only because it makes a funny contrast to the polished professionalism of the last post. After all, he forgot too, at least until about 5pm yesterday. Clearly we're both a little distracted.

WN -- that's hilarious! I hear a lot of people have weddings lined up next year on July 7, especially in Las Vegas, because it's lucky 777. Maybe Bullock and I should join them!

Anyway, having never made it to a second anniversary before Bullock's and mine last year, and thus never to a third before, I'm glad to hear others forget, too!

Dr. Virago said...

Karl, yes he remembered, but not until 5pm that day, so yeah, it felt like we were equally forgetful. I like your spin on it!