Wednesday, April 19, 2006

K'zoo Blogger Meet-Up

Much more concise version of this post now here.

: I mistyped my own damn e-mail address below, but it is now corrected.
AND ANOTHER UPDATE: Elisabeth reserved the location until 8pm, in case we want to lolly-gag some more. Woo-hoo!
Also, over e-mail, a couple people have asked about carpooling, but the top secret location is within walking distance from the dorms, so that's what I was planning to do. If people are in hotels elsewhere, do you want to set up a carpool? You can use the comments here to arrange things, if you like.

Original post

Hi everyone. With Elisabeth Carnell's gracious and generous help (a thousand thanks, E!), I've arranged the plans for our First Annual K'zoo Blogger Meet-Up. On behalf of Ancrene Wiseass and myself, I'm sorry that it took awhile and that we didn't host more discussion about when and where. But with my mom and Wiseass's exam, we both got a little, well, overwhelmed. But since I'm slightly less overwhelmed at the moment, I made the final arrangements (or, well, I e-mailed Elisabeth and *she* made the arrangements). (Btw, things got really rough for Wiseass recently -- but her exam went through and of course the brilliant woman passed, so go congratulate her if you haven't already.)

Anyway, I drafted a post with all the details. And then I thought: wait, but then the whole world knows where a bunch of anonymous bloggers will be and when. And that wouldn't be a good thing.

So here's the when: 5-8 pm Thursday.
I know that day and time won't be good for everyone, but no day and time was going to be good for absolutely everyone. My logic here was that the 5-7pm hours only overlap with wine hours and business meetings and is early enough for cocktails before dinner. Plus two hours of meet-up time will allow some people to come for part of it. ETA: And then Elisabeth added an extra hour just in case people still wanted to hang out. Excellent idea! And also, if people want to mosey on elsewhere afterwards -- to evening conference events, to dinner, or whatever -- they can. And groups of bloggers can mosey off together afterwards if they like.

For the where, e-mail me at drvirago [at] sbcglobal [dot] com net (inserting the appropriate punctuation, of course...UPDATE: it also helps if I get my own e-mail right! d'oh). For those of you who are thinking, "But Dr. V, you never check that e-mail" -- I have finally set up Outlook to retrieve it and check it at least daily. I will e-mail you back with the where.

And would the medievalists who read this post a notice and link on their sites, as well, so that we can be sure everyone sees it? Thanks.


Another Damned Medievalist said...

I might be able to make that! Cool!

Karl Steel said...

Excellent! Thanks everyone for setting this up. I'll just doublecheck my schedule, such as it is.

EYYÜP HAN said...

Yt be a thinge of muche sorwe thatte ich shal nat be yn kalamazoo. Do truste wel - yf any soule ther at the zoo sholde saye they write myn blogge, they are an impostre and a thef. For myn papere on mynselfe did gette rejectede.

Le Vostre


Dr. Virago said...

For myn papere on mynselfe did gette rejectede.

BSL! Thatte ys moste ironickal! Did yow, per chance, submitte that moste unlovelie tale of Sir Thopas? Ich heare that swich tales pleseth not the jugges of thise parliamentes.

And iwys, hit be a thynge of grete sorwe to me, also, thatte ich wol naught chance to meten oon of the "hystorical peple ich moste wolde to meten." Alas and welawey!

Another Damned Medievalist said...

OK ... so I get that you late people at least have humor on your side!

meg said...

As Mr. Burns says, "Egggggsellent!"