Saturday, May 29, 2010

You know you've been a bad blogger when...

...Michael Bérubé wonders where you've gone and has to post Middle English poetry to get your attention.

Normal blogging will resume, I swear, as I am now fully and officially and totally ON SABBATICAL!! Hooray!! In the meantime, here's some Bérubé-inspired play-along fun: using "Sumer is icumen in" (see Bérubé's post) and Ezra Pound's parody as your inspiration, write a poem in the comments that begins "Sabbatical is icumen in."


meg said...

Ha! That's my first day of class exercise in Middle English (with "sabbatical" swapped out for "semester").

Anonymous said...

Sabbatical is icumen in,
Lhude sing te-hee!
Sleepeth prof and droppeth off
Then writeth busily
Sing te-hee!
The scholar searcheth after bookes
Calleth after coffee she,
Research stalleth, pleasance calleth,
Murie sing te-hee!
Te-hee, te-hee, wel thou singes te-hee,
Ne swik thu nauer nu.
Sing te-hee, we, sing te-hee.
Sing te-hee, sing te-hee we!

Dr. Virago said...

Anon - Te-hee! Love it!

Meg - I'm going to steal that exercise now! :)

meg said...

Be my guest! I try to have some sexy little something for the first day of every class. Unfortunately, my first day of Bible as Lit is never very sexy -- just a micro-lecture. I need to find something...

[Capcha word: DITZYOU. Yes, I is!]

Anonymous said...

What fun is a challenge if only one responds?

Karl Steel said...

It's fun for us to read?