Thursday, December 11, 2008

For all *my* internet friends

Amanda French wrote this awesome song for all of her internet friends, and I'm passing it along to all of you as an early holiday gift. Click on the link to go play it and/or download it. Feel free to pass it along to *your* internet friends, since, as she sings, "all my internet friends give things away / They just really like to make stuff even when it doesn't pay."

H/T Michael Bérubé


Anonymous said...

Just to confirm the far-reaching(somewhat incestuous) power of the blogosphere, I, too, responded to Michael Bérubé's request to share this song on my blog, about 20 minutes after Dr. Virago.

While I don't have quite as many Internet friends as Drs. Virago and Bérubé, and thus don't share their personal connection to the lyrics, the song is witty and beautifully sung. Enjoy and share!

What Now? said...

Awesome song indeed! Thanks so much for passing it along to all of your internet friends.