Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Airport blogging - it's a small world edition

I'm in Big Rust Belt airport, at the gate for my flight to the UK, and who do I see a few rows away? Grad School Colleague from the nearest R1. Once I saw her, I thought, "Of course, this is her airport, too, and I know she'll be at the same conference." But for a split second it surprised me. There I was, in my own little world, saying goodbye to Bullock a few moments earlier and expecting a trip to a land far away on a plane of strangers. It's a little weird seeing someone you know in an airport, but it has actually happened to me many times in my life, in far more unlikely and coincidental circumstances. I also ran into someone I knew on a ferry from Dover to France once.

Anyway, I notice GSC from the R1 is reading a fun book. At least, from this distance, it looks like a general market paperback. Stupid me, I brought work and only work. So I'm blogging to make up for the fact that fabulously successful and ambitious-in-a-good-way GSC is reading for fun, and so should I! Maybe I'll go buy a paperback at the Borders 20 feet away. Then again, maybe I really do need to be reading that book I'm reviewing! (See previous post.)

Well, I shouldn't be blogging and using my battery just to say obvious things about fellow medievalists who are *of course* on the same plane as I am. In fact, I just turned on the computer to turn *off* the wireless. Besides, double chocolate Milano cookies are calling my name (thanks, Bullock).


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