Monday, June 11, 2007

How to look like a 1970s NASA scientist

In response to Medieval Woman's desire in the "Readers' choice" post below, here's how Bullock gets his 1970s NASA Scientist Dude look (well, as we imagine it -- I can't find a photo of an actual 1970s NASA scientist looking quite like this):

1) Wear these glasses:

(Made by Shuron Ltd.)

2) Cut your hair this short:

3) Grow out this facial hair combination (yes, that's Seth Bullock from Deadwood, from whom my Bullock gets his pseudonym):

4) And add longish but not extreme sideburns, a bit like "Greg" on CSI (though Bullock's are fuzzier):

And voila! You have a guy with 1950s hair and glasses who's trying to be cool with 1970s facial hair -- in other words, a 1970s NASA scientist. (Pocket protector and short-sleeved shirt + tie combo not necessary. Please.) And in 2007, it's a perfect pomo pastiche of a look.


Ancarett said...

All the NASA guys I knew back then didn't have the impressive facial hair.

Then again, I was a kid and didn't really notice much beyond the all-important pocket protectors.

Dr. Virago said...

Cool! You knew 1970s NASA guys!

Yeah, I think we were just kind of kidding around about who, in the 1970s, might still have conservative 1950s hair and glasses, but grow out the facial hair, and we arbitrarily decided NASA guys.

Virgo Sis said...

Ah, but other government types did! That combo of looks is reminiscent of many of my colleagues in Washington at the time. But I am sure it looks way cool on Bullock now!