Sunday, April 22, 2007

Marathon Post #2 1/2: All praise Fast Fizzy

In response to the comments to marathon post #1, below, my brother, aka Fast Fizzy, wrote in to assert that he is not hyper-competitive, as I said in my response to Heo Cwaeth's question, "What's chasing the Virago family?" No, he insists, he's just damn good.

And then he e-mailed me the following evidence that others are able to recognize just how good he is:

OK, I take it back. Fast Fizzy is not hyper-competitive.

He's hyper-competitive AND damn good.

And he has weird running buddies.


Fast Fizzy said...

Uh, did I mention that the picture was for your eyes only?

Dr. Virago said...

What -- and deprive the blogging world of your AWESOME STUDLINESS?! I think not!

Virgo Sis said...

This will be the family comment section. Great legs, bro.

Fast Fizzy said...

Aaaahhh, being competitive is a sin and a crime. Now that I know I'll try to do better "Comrade".

Dr. Virago said...

Tehee! That's just spam, Fizzy. I thought I deleted it, but clearly it's back. Robots post it and it doesn't matter what the main post's comment is.