Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Argh. Stupid frustration of the day

Somewhere in my files I have a paraphrase of and notes on a relatively short poem that's in the manuscript I'm thinking and writing about. Somewhere. The question is: where?

The fall semester started so soon after I moved in with Bullock that I still haven't really set up a filing or organizing system of any kind here, especially since I'd been going without filing cabinets for the previous three years, except in my office at school. Now I have them, but I haven't really set them up right. And I can't find anything unless it's in one of the active piles on my messy desk.

Grrr. So frustrating! I have the thoughts I wrote about it for a conference paper, but where are those original, fuller notes, darnit!

Yeah, I really should have more sympathy for when my students flake or lose something.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Well, blogging the lost always works for me and maybe it will work for you, too.

Re: notes and such --> I typically keep these things in notebooks (I have 2-3 going at a time so there's almost always one in my bag or car or office or whatever) so they don't get lost. If caught unaware and I write on a scrap, I'll later copy or staple it in.

Another handy thing to do with handwritten notes, if you have access to a copier that scans to PDF, is to make copies fairly regularly. Then if you can't find the hard copy there's a backup.

Of course, none of this helps with the frustration of having the lost notes. Hope you find them soon!

Tenured Radical said...

Dig this: try switching from PC to Mac, having the boyo from IT say he will transfer all your files to the new fabulous computer, and hten realizing -- oops! all the old lectures are in a program that absolutely cannot be accessed by any Mac technology. But those files sit there, in a light grey text, tauntiing me all the same.

Lucky me, I actually print my lectures and keep them for a few years -- but now, to revise them, I have to type up he whole darn thing.