Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Two Tuesday Tidbits

  1. "Crazy Ham Radio Guy" lives three blocks south of me, a few doors down from my friend the Victorianist. He has a gi-normous antenna in his backyard and a smaller one on his van -- for mobile ham radio activity, I guess. Anyway, his radio communications regularly wreak havoc in the 'hood, blowing out speakers, rining doorbells, and so forth. Right this minute, in fact, his voice is coming through loud and clear from my computer's subwoofer! And for some reason, he keeps punctuating his statements with "Well, this is the [state nickname] state, after all." Over and over again. This neigbhorhood has a lot of crazy guys.
  2. For those of you who do not know this (my non-blogging friends and family) you *don't* have to login to Blogger to comment here. Choose the "Other" category on the comment pop-up and just fill in your name or initials or whatever you want (ignore the web page blank). You can also choose "anonymous," though I prefer to know who you are!
Ok, gotta run - literally! Read my Lost post below if you haven't had the chance!

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