Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not looking forward to August

On the day before I leave for the UK for two weeks of Famous Medieval Author conference, visiting with friends, and whirlwind manuscript consulting, I am getting anxious about what faces me upon my return, one item of which I just learned about 10 minutes ago.

As you read the following August to-do list, keep in mind that our school year begins on the 25th. Thank god I got my syllabuses done at the beginning of the summer (though details need to be fine-tuned).

So here's what my August will look like:

  • Re-write article due August 15th according to feedback from collection editors -- some of which feedback I got orally at Kalamazoo, and have been working on, but most of which I just got about a week ago.
  • Finish academic book (on planes and trains while away) and write review for - gulp! - Speculum (my first ever for them).
  • Read dissertation and prepare for as yet unscheduled August defense. Thank god I'm the outside reader. Note: my first dissertation committee position ever.
  • Read MA thesis and prepare for early-August defense.
  • Correct proofs of article (possibly with stolen time at Famous Author conference if editors won't give me a 5-day extenstion). I just got the PDF of the proofs 10 minutes ago and they're due July 25th. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm still fine-tuning my paper, doing laundry, packing, etc.
  • Prepare for and organize department orientation for non-TA students.
  • Meet with colleague with whom I will be the dramaturge for a 2010 production of medieval drama (he needs to plan the season this far in advance and we have to settle on which plays and what form of text -- simply modernized or truly translated).
Oy. Feel for me.

But right now I have to take Pippi for her walkies and get back to getting ready to leave. Expect little to no posting in the next two weeks. Happy July to you all!


medieval woman said...

Whoa, lady! I'd say your August is officially PACKED! Congrats on your Speculum review, etc.

Hope to see you at Big Author Conference this week!

What Now? said...

Safe travels, and if possible enjoy yourself while you're away!

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Yeesh! I'll totally understand if you don't have time to meet up!

Dr. Virago said...

ADM -- Oh, I still hope we can meet up in London. There's only so much work I can do in one day. Besides, the MSS reading room closes at 5. Yes, I'll probably use the regular collections after that, but a girl's gotta eat and/or enjoy a nice pint!