Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, so *that's* what the RV was there for

So I just found videos of that reality tv show mentioned in the last post, the one feature the family of "puppeteers," and in watching it I realized I go running by that house all. the. time. It's literally around the corner and down the street from us, and I frequently run on that street because it has a light crossing the main street and ours doesn't.

And, in fact, I ran by it frequently while they were filming the show. All that time I just thought they had free-wheelin' retired relatives who drove their RV home to visit the grandkids or something. This also explains why there were a mess of cables running from the RV to the house and also why a random picket fence appeared for awhile and then disappeared. (It appeared courtesy of the visiting spouse. It disappeared when Mr. Puppeteer didn't like it.)

I think it's funny that all those years of living in SoCal didn't teach me to recognize a film crew trailer when I saw one.

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Bardiac said...

Hah, I love the last line! I was going to tease you about that, but now I can't. (Maybe they aren't that same catering/RV rental company that you saw all the time in SoCal, and so you didn't recognize the logo?)