Friday, December 14, 2007

Job alert: Asst. Prof. in Medieval British Literature at UM-Flint

To all of you medievalists in English on the market this year, I just got a flyer for a job at University of Michigan-Flint that may not have made it into the JIL yet. I'd like to think that my getting this flyer means that I've been invited to apply for a job, but really, I think they probably sent flyers to every medievalist in English in the Great Lakes region in the MLA directory because they're not interviewing at MLA they're trying to spread the word about a late advertisement and an extended deadline. So I'm doing my part for a fellow Great Lakes region branch campus.

If you want all the details, the Michigan system has a job posting website here. Once you're there, you can search as a "guest" without registering -- click on the "external candidates and temporary staff job search" link and the "visit as a guest" button. Search for Job ID 13109.

It looks like a good job: 3-3 load, all literature and mostly medieval, with opportunities to develop medieval literature courses for their new MA program. The online ad says the deadline is today, but the flyer I got shows January 18, 2008 as the deadline, and says on-campus interviews will be conducted in February (no MLA interviews).

Anyway, just wanted to spread the word.


Karl Steel said...

I think they probably sent flyers to every medievalist in English in the Great Lakes region because they're not interviewing at MLA.

Or Great Lakes and the Brooklyn Region, since I just found the flyer in my (home) mailbox. Odd. Secondary areas looks promising: drama and performance; non-English medieval literature (good!); medieval women writers. And developing courses for a new MA program: also nice.

Not a bad job, then.

Dr. Virago said...

I wonder how they're putting this list together. Mine came by a version of my work address that clearly came from the MLA directory. Ah, maybe they bought lists from the division/interest groups!

meg said...

Or Great Lakes, Brooklyn Region, and Southern California -- I got one too.

medieval woman said...

I got one as well at my campus address and I a land far, far away from the Great Lakes.

But I agree it looks like a nice job! Thanks for spreading the news!