Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Things to celebrate

Yesterday was an auspicious day in America.

Finally, the long national nightmare of the Britney Spears - Kevin Federline marriage is over.


Dr. Crazy said...

The question is, will Britney move on to Ryan Phillipe and will Kevin move on to Reese Witherspoon? Or perhaps there can be a swap-out with the recently-filed-for-divorce Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston? But then I really think that Britney would be into that Chris Robinson, formerly the hubby of Kate Hudson...

Dr. Virago said...

Dr. C, you're hilarious. And what's even funnier is that when I wrote this silly post-election post, I thought, "I bet Dr. Crazy will be the first to comment on this." Damn, should've bet money that one!

Now, to continue this very serious discussion: Chris Robinson is way too classy for the Brit. and Ryan Phillipe is both too classy and also too ambiguously gay. (Then again, so is K-Fed, but in a very different kind of gay.) But I see a future for a Whit-Brit swap between Bobby and K-Fed.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you blog this because I think this is the only news that could tie a (potentially) Democrat-controlled Congress!

I'm so glad that sordid scene is over - whoever K-Fed dates/marries/sneezes on next will become instantly pregnant, so we'll have to think about that when considering potential swaps...

Dr. Virago said...

Medieval Woman --

I think this is the only news that could tie a (potentially) Democrat-controlled Congress!

I just thought it was funny that she filed on election day, as if hoping the news would be buried, and I feel it is my *duty* as a blogger and an American to inform the people!

OK, kidding. Actually this post and the joke were also supposed to convey both my glee at a Dem-controlled congress (long, national nightmare over, etc.) and my schadenfreude in re: Brit and K-Fed *and* the spanking the Republicans got. In fact, I think Brit's timing couldn't have been more world historically spot-on! :)

As for the Fed's virility -- hmmm, yes, good point. But surely Whitney has drug-addled her reproductivity, hasn't she?

Man, remember when Whitney was cute and fresh and unironically wholesome? She makes so sad.